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Nolo SS'20 Fashion Show

31st Jan 2020

Nolo SS'20 Fashion Show

The theme of Nóló SS' 2020 collection is adequate feminism. In 2019 brand’s creative director Viktorija Joniene participated in Women Solidarity March in Riga and was absolutely inspired by the energy of this event, charismatic characters of participants and braveness of the slogans.

Today struggling for women rights has reached its peak! Even highly developed and civilized countries recently have been shaken by a series of high resonance scandals related to sexual harassment and violation of women rights by more powerful men.

Gender equality is declared only on paper, but in reality, women very often are facing domestic violence, harassment in the workplace and even sexual slavery. Mass culture is full of hidden messages that instill tolerance to patriarchate past and society readily turns a blind eye towards discrimination.

Nóló is joining the war against hypocrisy and will debunk with its collection old stereotypes about feminists – the one, for example, like that feminists, are sloppy, lonely men’s haters. As always, Nóló can’t stand without the pitch of humor – contribution for an idea of adequate feminism became ironic prints “ I Don’t Hate Men”, “GIRLS power” and “WANT prosecco and equality”.

Despite the achievements of social revolution and successful results of still active showbiz celebrity’s campaign condemning sexual harassment #metoo, the woman still needs to go long way until the real equality with men in all fields of life. With its emancipated collection, Nóló dreams to bring this moment a bit closer!