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About Us

   Nolo is founded in 2012 by Viktorija Joniene. During the last seven years, she managed to transform Nolo into one of the successful and recognizable brand not only in Latvia but also over the Baltic. Fashion catwalks and collections of Nolo gathered an impressive harvest of titles from Latvian Style and Fashion Academy, but the creative director of the brand Viktorija Joniene was three times named as best designer of the year! Today Nolo widens its markets - collections of the brand are presented in Milan and Hongkong showrooms and sold in fashionable stores all over the World - from Moscow up to Jakarta. The company has its own production facilities in Riga, with high technology and energy-saving equipment, where more than 40 highly professional sewers, constructors, technologists are working to produce Nolo garments. This allows to control quality and keep its high standards. "Production is our proud, says Viktorija. We are not using cheap working force as most of the fast-fashion players do. NOLO provides its employees with good working conditions, pays competitive salaries and all taxes. Of course, being transparent in business forces to increase of cost of the collections. But NOLO creates quality designer items, and what matters long-lasting items, which will be good for many seasons, without losing quality or visual condition! Our styles very often are in front of time and stay on the edge of trends for a few seasons after purchase!"

   According to Nolo philosophy, it's easy - buy less, but better quality. Do not be cached by one-day gems, which will lose its actuality day after. Pay attention to the quality and composition of fabrics, consider its long weariness ability. And finally, do not forget about the ethical issue and energy of goods, which floods into your wardrobe. Are there fairtrade principles beyond (produced in proper working conditions and without child force usage)? Because we are the clothes we are wearing indeed.