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About Us

Nolo was founded in 2012 by Viktorija Joniene. Over these years, she has transformed Nolo into a successful and recognizable brand not just in Latvia, but also throughout the Baltic States. Nolo regularly participates in fashion weeks, and the brand has amassed an impressive collection of awards from the Latvian Style and Fashion Academy. In addition, the brand's creative director, Viktorija Joniene, has been named Latvia's ‘designer of the year’ three times. Today, Nolo continues to expand its markets; the brand's designs are shown in showrooms in Milan and Hong Kong and sold in trendy stores around the world.

The company has its own production facilities in Riga, equipped with cutting-edge technology and energy-saving equipment, where over 20 highly skilled seamstresses, constructors, and technologists work to create Nolo garments. This allows for quality monitoring and the maintenance of high standards. According to Viktorija, "Our production is our pride. We do not employ cheap labor, as fast-fashion companies do. Nolo provides good working conditions for its employees, pays competitive salaries, and pays all taxes. Naturally, being transparent in business also necessitates higher in collection costs, however, the high quality clothing manufactured by Nolo will last and remain relevant for a long time. Our designs are frequently ahead of their time and remain on the cutting edge of fashion for several seasons after purchase!"

In 2021 Nolo launched two sub-brands – Nolo Home, with an array of cosy and beautiful comfortwear and home textiles, and Nolo Golf with its cutting-edge sportswear.

The philosophy of Nolo is simple - buy less, but of higher quality. Do not be fooled by short-lived trends, that are 'in' one day, and 'out' the next. Evaluate the quality and composition of the fabric, as well as how long-wearing it will be. Finally, don't overlook the ethicality behind the clothes, such as adequate working conditions or use of child labour, as well as the energy costs of the items that end up in your wardrobe. At Nolo, we believe that we are, in fact, the clothing we wear.