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Nolo SS'21 Fashion Show

Posted by Viktorija Joniene on 10th Nov 2020

Nolo SS'21 Fashion Show

2020 became a year of ordeal and turmoil for the whole world. The usual way of life is suddenly changing right in front of us. We try to adapt to this new reality, and try to predict the future – what awaits us, what will tomorrow be like? Under such circumstances fashion cannot remain the same; and unrestrained consumerism needs to give way to sustainable and conscious consumption.

When buying an evening dress, you can no longer be sure whether the event will happen; while choosing a beach outfit you never know if the long-awaited flight will even take place. To meet the new conditions, the modern woman's wardrobe must become especially functional and multi-purpose.

When creating the new NOLO SS'21 collection, the designers’ Viktorija Joniene main objective was to offer clothes that can stay in your closet for a long time - clothes that can be easily combined and complement each other, allowing you to shift from a casual to a business or party look with the help of accessories and outfitting.

The zest of the collection is versatility, simplicity and practical chic that reflects the turbulent spirit of today’s uncertainty and unpredictability. Longer and looser silhouettes made of natural and very high quality fabrics outline the curves in the best possible way, providing maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The choice of shorts, paired with business jackets and tops, create a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Raincoats and shirts transform into stylish dresses, and can be worn in a wide variety of life situations. The main colors of the collection - caramel, beige, turquoise and our favorite "Tiffany" blue - will create a summer mood without even leaving the city.

We are incorrigible optimists and believe that this rough patch will end soon! We’ll be able to move around again, fly and sail! We will be meeting, singing and dancing until dawn! We will uncover our faces, wear our best dresses and smile towards the sun!